01/29/2019 01:48:00 pmLifehacks from the world of lighting design: a bedroom

We, SkarLight company, have mentioned in our previous articles about lighting design that the bedroom is the temple of rest, that is why, first of all, it should be associated with coziness and comfort. You should not even mention the role of lighting in this part of the house, because it is precisely the key element in the design of the room. We offer 5 lifehacks from lighting designers, which will greatly help you in organizing the bedroom.

Local light: something without which you cannot do

The main purpose of local lighting is competent zoning of the room. Such a technique was firstly actively used in the design of the space after the rooms with a free layout and loft interiors became popular. It is very important not to put aesthetic preferences for the interior above the requirements of functionality, so do not forget about the local light.

Multi-level lighting as a must-have trend

The interior of any home needs different levels of lighting. So, for a bedroom scattered lighting is relevant at the time, as the bathroom fits bright and directional flow of light. If the multi-level lighting can not be applied in your room, you should take care of the local illumination of functional areas.

Significant: lamp shades

The colour temperature of the lamps plays a significant role in the design of lighting design. We have already mentioned that the main colours are warm (less than 3300 K), natural (3300-5000 K) and cold white (more than 5000 K). The best option for the bedroom is considered the first.

Proper distribution of light - a key to success

The disadvantages of the room can be hidden with the help of the correct organization of light. So, lamps with lampshade visually reduce the room (in particular, height), while hanging or cup-shaped lamps increase it. Dot lighting and LED lighting harmoniously fit into rooms with a large area, as they visually reduce the space.

Luminaire efficiency in energy saving

Installed illumination rate: per 1 square meter of the room = 10 W lamp. However, modern manufacturers take the luminous efficiency of the lamps as the main indicator of efficiency with a lamp. You can save on electricity by using energy-saving lamps. Moreover, the most economical option is considered high-pressure discharge lamps with a luminous efficacy indicator of 100 m/W.
Use the above lifehacks, applying components to the lamps from the product line of our company!
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