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We are, dynamically developing company SkarLight, known in the Ukrainian market since 1996 and are a large producer of the lighting components. Our specialization in the production of lighting devices is not only the manufacture itself, but also the design of lamps of different types, shapes, spectra, etc. The result of many years of work and creative imagination of our team is a multifaceted assortment line, that is constantly supplemented with the new collections of plafonds, lampshades (also we sell lampshades made of wire), wood products, ceramics, plastics. Metal accessories, crystals and fasteners to them, cartridges and bonded-conductor products, concrete and support materials to them - all this will be loved by creative designers and producers of lighting equipment, who are actually our customers. We are sure that in the hands of a skilful designer the chandeliers, lamps, sconces and floor lamps will be turned into a powerful tool that can transform into a fairy tale, even the most boring interior.

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The aim of the work of SkarLight is to enable the customer to create and sell his own product, we try to keep up with time, basing our activity on the innovative principles of the market development of Europe and the world as well. Here you will find new trends that will become a real highlight in your interior: the most impressive trend-2017 - the retro-light LED bulb by Thomas Edison, elegant classic models, luxurious baroque, cozy provence, modern industrial loft, delicate floristic and many other styles have already found their reflection in our products.

Our company SkarLight is keeping its hands on the pulse of the modern market trends, updating the catalogue of our products over new advanced design and technical solutions.

Keep in mind: you have a great future - we have a good plan!

With the hope for further beneficial cooperation,
SkarLight Company

Also our company can offer consultation on interesting you questions. We are ready to help in drafting of order, his adjustment (in case if necessary position is not present in a presence), provide information to you about prices on our products, and also to prompt anything on descriptions of one or another component. If you want in more detail to know about that, how to create the lighting device and what exactly stuff to you can may need for this purpose, then our command is always ready to support you in Your undertaking and help advice with technical or designer points of view.

Remember: you have the large future - we have a good plan!

With hope on a further mutually beneficial collaboration,
company SkarLight

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