LED PS60/12-IP20

Code: LED PS60/12-IP20
Input voltage(V1): 170-240V
Output voltage(V2): 12V
Power (W): 60W
Output current(A): 5A
Dust and water protection (IP): IP20
Width (b): 53 мм
Height (H): 21 mm
On purpose: Power supplies
Material: Metal
General length (L): 202 mm
Weight(G): 165g
The power supply has a power of 60W with an output voltage of 12V DC, and the supply voltage of the product lies in the range from 170 to 240 V. With a protection level of IP20, it is considered one of the most acceptable options for connecting different LED strips. This PS has an extremely passive cooling method due to a number of holes in the metal case. The main feature of this model is its small width, which allows you to compactly place the product in the desired place. The presented PS belongs to the category of leaky products, that is, it should not be used in dusty and humid conditions.
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