Provence: when france is in the air

Tenderness, refinement of taste, provincial sincerity in a combination with comfort and coziness - all this will find its response in the style with a barely perceptible note of french elegance - «provence».
As is known, the «provence» style is one of the varieties of a broader direction in design, namely "country", or the country style.
It received its name from the historic french region of provence, located in the southeast corner of france that is associated with the aromas of thyme and lavender. The «provence» style is characterized by simplicity, laconicism and natural shades as well. This style always creates full-fledged ensembles, no matter how different the objects in it are (to create an interior in the «provence» style
you need to skillfully combine pastel colors with saturated colors).
What is the secret of the «provence» style, that take the inspiration from the local traditions and sweethearted things inherited from generation to generation? Surprisingly, the solution is very simple: take the antiquity with its sensuality and sentimentality and add to it intricate details that will "make it younger».
According to the color solutions of this laconic style, it is worth mentioning that it uses neutral white and beige, as well as various pastel tones, which actually recreate the illusion of faded on the sun surfaces. The furniture is often painted in a white or greenish color a little withered grass with the effect of compassion. As the interior in the «provence» style brings the feeling of a hot summer on the shore of the ocean, the color scheme allows using the colors of azure sea, wet sand and bleached cloth, also there are shades of the lavender, ocher and the sunflower.
The central element of stylistics is the fireplace, - not so monumental, as in traditional english interiors, usually finished with the natural stone, ceramic tiles or bricks. The fireplace adds to the style a note of clarity and transparency in its simplicity, that touches the soul.
The «provence» style is created of antique items, such as old "village" ceramics, forged parts, old chairs, embroidered linen napkins with floral motifs or in a traditional strip), which seemed to have inherited from the grandmother.
A large role in the «provence» style is given to the lighting. The tandem of natural light with artificial one creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in a room. The range of lamps of the "french country" style includes wall sconces, floor lamps, decorative candlesticks, forged structures, supplemented with small lampshades, lamps decorated with forged details in the form of grapevines, leaves, small flowers or with crystal elements.
Modern chandelier  with a lot of candle-lamps or small lampshades is one of the most popular in the "french country» style. Such designs will definitely amaze you with its delicate swirls and a filigree entwine of the elements. Glass plafons are often made in the form of lilies or tulips, sometimes you can even notice different glass models in the style of «tiffany» in the pastel or terracotta shades.chandelier-candle is also a typical example of the french lamp, because it’s laconic form gives to the «provence» style a special elegance.
According to peter mayle, «those people are happy, who live in provence». What prevents your happiness?
For you to feel the comfort of home and the unique atmosphere of the southern france, our company skarlight presents a line of fixtures and components to them the "french country» style, or simply - "provence."
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