High-tech: welcome to the future!

The modern world does not get tired to impress us with high technologies, which are rapidly moving forward, that make our life more comfortable and convenient. High-tech (high technology) is the style of the interior design that was originated in the 1970s, where everything is thought in a detail and equipped with the latest technology. This stylization can rightfully be called a futuristic, literally descended from the pages of a science fiction novel. The modern direction of interior design was formed as a result of combining minimalism, constructivism and pop art. The idea was supported and developed by British designers. High-tech combined in itself the brightest attributes of the styles - practicality, high technology, functionality and spectacular appearance. Clear geometry, unique materials, ultramodernity - all this was embodied in "complex simplicity" - in high-tech.
    The style of "high-tech" is a kind of desire to comprehend the features of high technology in the artistic sense. And the main principle of this style direction is the optimization of space and the decision to make all objects in the room functional. We, SkarLight company, firmly believe that the meager decor of the greedy for sophistication of the style of high technology will be perfectly compensated by the play of light on all kinds of chrome surfaces. After all, the organization of lighting along with the form is one of the most important interior items in the "high-tech" style. Direction, which, in addition to its simplicity and complete lack of ornamentation and decorative elements, is also dominated by a fairly strict palette, in which the basic colors are black and white, shades of gray, metallic, and also other deep and pure colors. Not surprisingly, the rather "modest" style, as it might seem at the first glance, has an immense number of characteristics, because pragmatism, which is a fundamental feature of high-tech in any interior, will look worthy. In addition to the above-mentioned differences, the style of high technology is unique in its clear and maximally simple geometry in the spirit of cubism and constructivism, avant-garde lamps, futuristic furniture design, smooth and opaque surfaces and monochrome. It is such a dry, in its appearance, but at the same time urbanistic direction, will be loved by those who are interested in cutting-edge and original materials, fashionable and functional stylistics, as well as manufacturability, structure and monumentality.
    As usual, high-tech lamps, made in the spirit of minimalism, have a fairly simple design. It is worth remembering that the room should be well lit, therefore, a decentralized lighting solution is welcomed, using a variety of different lighting devices. Artificial lighting can be directed or scattered, mounted in the furniture, the doors of the kitchen set built into the flooring. Round, square, hanging and snug against the wall, made of glass and metal, chrome or painted in bright colors. The lineup of lighting fixtures, as well as accessories to them, from our SkarLight company can not be described in a nutshell, as it is as wide as the imagination of designers who develop lighting fixtures. The idea of superiority of technology should be manifested in every element of the interior in the style of "high-tech". That is why we believe that the fixtures should also be manufactured using advanced technologies. Lighting systems are often equipped with motion sensors, dimmers, devices for switching light scenarios, control panels and touch panels.
    Another excellent solution will be the spotlights. An inherent feature of such luminaires is their compactness, and, consequently, space saving. LED tapes is one of the best variant for the the interior design according to the style of "high-tech"- many designers try to create a light solution of the future - both in appearance and its function. While creating lighting in the style of "high-tech", you should pay attention to the floor lamps and sconces made of metal (aluminum, steel, coated with chrome), glass, plastic.
    Suspended string fixtures is another rather effective solution for the zoning space. Lamps in the high-tech style should not be too bulky or large. The best example of optimal lighting devices are spots - small lamps with shades, rotating in different directions. Depending on the direction and location, they can be both basic and auxiliary lighting sources.
    With the help of such a light solution, you can emphasize the elegance of shapes and textures. Numerous built-in lamps, suspended halogen lamps, floor ones, string lights, various tension systems will definitely fit the room. Is it possible to use chandeliers in the high-tech style? Certainly! However, the choice of shape and color should be appropriate: cubes, balls, spheres, trapezoids and their combinations.
    Lamps in the style of "high-tech" can act as an element of interior in the style of the modern, loft, minimalism. They emphasize the proximity of modern times with fashionable tendencies, original constructive decisions and a desire for the future. But at the same time such lighting devices remain elegant, demonstrate the confidence of the owner of the premises.
    The style of "high-tech" symbolizes the complete human’s triumph over the nature, the victory of the mind over instincts, that is all that futurists tend to expect from the humanity in the future. Lamps that fit to this style are laconic, stylish, rational and simple. Preferably, the materials used are metal, plastic and glass.
    It is fashionability and ease that make this direction, which presupposes the presence in the interior of modern developments and techniques. If you want this elegance with a note of futurism to appear in your house, follow the link -
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