Edison light bulb: well-forgotten old

New sources of light, a huge variety of types, spectrum, types, sizes, and the possibilities due to which there are almost no technical limitations for creating the most unimaginable chandelier. It seems that the original and ordinary bulb had fallen into the oblivion... Unnecessary heating, simple form, huge energy consumption - Mr. Edison's old bulb must have already «retired».
    But no! The most impressive trend-2017 in the field of lighting is the «well-forgotten old» - the retro-light bulb by Thomas Edison. "The simplicity is beautiful" - the motto of the supporters of minimalism, who skillfully inspired a new life into a traditional 138-year light bulb, that fits into a traditional or eclectic (mix of dissimilar directions) styles, loft, provence and so on.
    The renewed filament light bulb does not resemble its famous "grandmother", but it does not make it less fashionable. Our company, Skarlight, talks about the real renaissance of the classic filament light bulb, as retro lamps attract people with the help of their interesting vintage views and pleasant lighting. In addition, our company offers you special Edison’s light bulbs, combining antique charm and modern LED technology. Instead of a filament in such bulbs, we use a thin LED, as a result of that they consume in 10 times less electricity than conventional light bulbs, and look as perfect as the original models. Let's talk about this "phenomenon" in a detail.
    Typically, Edison’s retro light bulbs have warm color temperature of 2,200 Kelvins (for classic filament light bulb this value is 2,700-2,850 K). This pleasant color creates a unique atmosphere of nostalgia and romance in the interior. However, being not too bright, Edison's bulbs are often used as a decorative element. Another interesting fact about Edison’s light bulbs is that they have a higher color rendering index (CRI) than conventional LED lamps have. So, the CRI of Edison’s light bulbs is 95 (out of 100 maximum), while conventional LED lamps have no more than 80. It means that the glow of these bulbs practically does not distort the colors of the objects around you. Moreover, original Edison’s vintage light bulbs (with a filament, not a light-emitting diode) consume a lot of energy and the service of their life is short. At the same time, Edison’s LED light bulbs on average work about 15,000 hours. With the ability to save electricity, Edison’s LED light bulbs are the best variant.
    The improvement of a previously primitive light bulb had not stopped. She, beloved by designers, will not only give the lighting an unusual, almost magical color, but also will tell much more about your refined taste. One of the most amazing and useful features of Edison’s LED light bulbs is that they can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. "Naked" light bulbs Edison will be an interesting detail of any interior. If you are a supporter of modern, retro or industrial style, you will prefer not to cover them with a lampshade. The combination of several lamps in one will emphasize the warmth of the glow and with the help of the long cords it will become the main decoration of the room. Mr. Edison’s light bulb can also be hang upside down. Simple, tasteful, and primarily, unique! Edison’s light bulb can also be decorated with a bubble, but it should not completely cover it. Variants can be very different: a cage, a glass form or even a metal plate.
    The vintage style of the bulb inspires creative artists to create different lamps and chandeliers. A special charm of the model made of wood, wrought iron fittings and parts in the industrial style creates an incredible atmosphere of warmth and coziness, and also brings uniqueness into any design.
    Here it is, the famous light bulb in the form of a pear. We hid them behind the lampshades, so that the light was not so bright, but was it worth it? To make an order from us, the company Skarlight, follow the link -
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