Country: nostalgia for comfort

The aesthetics of the past, sincerity, nostalgia for times past, when life was full of dimensionality, which was especially characteristic for life in the countryside, natural character - all this describe the style of "country", or, in the common - the country style .
    the main task of the country style is the creation of an interior in the rural spirit. The design direction, that was born in england, in its development has several centuries, so using exact time frames will not be correct. Depending on the locality, where this style was developing, it has its own characteristic features of a rural way of life. It is interesting that this direction reflects not only the features of the environment, but also embodies the coloring of the region. So, the country style counts english, american, french, italian, scandinavian and many other branches.
    the country style is the impersonation of the village spirit, in which sophistication, practicality and simplicity are mixed. Today, this style is quite popular, as many look for everything natural and environmentally friendly, which is specific for this direction. Therefore, if you are a supporter of a practical, adapted to everyday life interior, country style is what you need!
    without a doubt, the interior in the style of "country" can be compared with the story of the simplicity of the rural way of life with its natural coziness and proximity to nature. But even though the historical foundations of this trend are laid down in the last century, the country style can have a modern look. The designer's emphasis on simplicity and naturalness is actually the key to success.
    cozy, charming and home country style turns out to be very demanding for properly selected lighting. And we, skarlight company, will definitely help you with this, because, to our mind, in order to create the right atmosphere choosing the correct lighting plays a key role. And if you use the light properly, you can create in the room relaxing ambience.
    as country style is also a home style, lighting should support this important characteristic. An integral part of this style, which contains in the skarlight's product line, is a chandelier in the center of the room. It can be, as with a glass plafond, and with forged elements, or with the usual textile lampshade. And it should not be only one; several identical lighting fixtures hanging nearby, will significantly decorate the atmosphere. In addition to the central lighting, it is necessary to use sconces, table lamps and floor lamps, which can be called one of the most beloved decorative elements of the country style. As a rule, the plafonds are painted in white, and the base for the lighting fixtures is wood or metal. Often you can find lamps in this style, made of brass in milky white shade of glass.
    the country style is often associated with the minimal use of lighting, which is almost absurd. All in all, for complete styling, you do not need to sit by candlelight. The product line of our company presents a lot of lamps, which, being absolutely modern, fit organically into the interior of the country style. Maybe, the best choice is a chandelier-candelabra looking like burning candles. In them we use special decorative lamps in the form of a candle, which is practical, modern and at the same time strikingly home-like.
    many designers agree that for the country direction the ideal option, which not only emphasizes the country style of the house, but also adds solidity to the interior, is wrought iron. In the arsenal of our company you can find forged lamps, perforated metal and brass models with cast suspensions, which will perfectly fit into the interior of your dream.
    the style of "country" in the city apartment embodies the dream about a cozy house in a quiet village of the inhabitants of the metropolis. At the same time the country style is so diverse that it will fit the interior of the most modern house. Even having in its arsenal a range of design options, the style of «country" is expressed in respect for traditions, nature, and in the simplicity of design. If you also dream of a "remote place" with a cozy atmosphere and a muted light, then hurry to follow the link ...
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