Classic: fashion is going out - style remains

Aristocracy, luxury, elegance, refinement and aesthetics - all this reflects a style that absorbed the experience of the past centuries and is known as the "gold style of design». Translated from the Latin "classicus" means a sample, a standard, an acme of perfection, so the choice of eternal traditionality (it is also a classic) implies an alternative to time-tested design techniques and methods. Even in its initial stage, classicism, as an aesthetic trend of European culture of the 17-19 centuries, was based on the strict canons, thereby strengthening the harmony and consistency of itself.
    The classical style is the evidence of the exquisite elegance and bourgeois position of the hosts. No doubt that the classics is the choice of the respectable people with an exquisite taste. However, in its canons, classicism is strict: it is necessary to select all details extremely watchful. Nevertheless, the classical style is not afraid of the gilded and silvered elements, so it looks expensive and elitist.
    We, SkarLight company, firmly believe that in any style, from frivolous rococo to breathtaking kitsch, it is necessary to devote special attention to lighting, because properly selected lighting will definitely emphasize all the advantages of an ideal interior. As it depends on the correct lighting how the general «picture» will look like. It is the right light solution that will inspire life even in the most ordinary interior and paint it in completely diverse colors.
    if the issue of the lighting refers to such an elegant stylization as the classicism, you need to "keep your hand on the pulse" not to overload the bright and comfortable room with unnecessary details. Furniture, decoration materials, soft colors and the light decision of classicism, as well, is a sample of elegance and nobility, that is clearly demonstrating the taste and respectability of the hosts.
    As a rule, in the interior of the classical style designers decided to use central lighting. And their exquisite decision was to apply a chandelier made of crystal or from another expensive glass, or a gilded chandelier with the candlesticks (or roses). Classics of the genre also includes different ceiling hanging chandeliers with the numerous crystal pendants, looking like they were taken from the estate of the Queen of the England. You should only add to this lighting solution some classic sconces and floor lamps with the silk lampshades.
    Another, but no less popular and common kind of classic lamps for a living room is the chandeliers with the elongated horn lamps, which form slightly looks like candles. Horns can be hung up or down; also you are not limited in the quantity.
    In the product line of SkarLight company, the vision of the designer will be satisfied, as we know all the nuances of this stylization and can offer you a wide range of accessories for your further solutions of the modern classics.
    Classical style is the eternal values that do not lose their popularity, despite the moody and changeable fashion. Although the concept of modern classicism is subtle and multifaceted, everyone will find something in it, because we are sure that the classics is not a style, it is a state of the mind. All in all, in each of us live some luxurious images of the eternal traditional style, and in order to perpetuate the interior, you need to check our product line, in which you will find diverse plafonds, lampshades, crystals and ceramic products. Follow the link -
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