Business zero to superhero:a myth or reality? Guide for newbies

Today, the world, entirely focused on work, is in search of candidates on the labor exchange. But if you do not like to make desperate attempts in order to find the vacancy you will be interested in and you are in search of the best, this article is definitely for you. Do not forget: you have a great future - we have a good plan! And this article will tell you all the nuances of a secured and successful "tomorrow", which will depend entirely on you.
    Your own business from scratch - a myth or reality? Definitely reality, if there will be a synthesis of the actual business idea and the desire to work and create . But, of course, everything begins precisely with the desire, according to F. Petrarch:"If a person wants to get rid of his miserable state, but wishes sincerely and completely, such a wish cannot be unsuccessful»!
    It is necessary to understand, what is so attractive in building your own business? Without a doubt, the main advantage is  freedom of action. No job will ever give you such a space for maneuvers. But we must accept the fact that it will depend on you, on what success your business is doomed, and whether it is doomed at all. Own business, of course, you need to love and do it with full dedication. It is doubtful, but the fact: the best work is a highly-paid hobby, and the startup is its «golden mean».
    Communication skills, personal charisma, sense of organization, creative thoughts, the ability to make decisions independently and the desire to take responsibility... If at least one component concerns you, you can take on to the embodiment of your dream into reality.
    We would like to refute one of the myths concerning business; it sounds like this: own business is the destiny of the strong half of the humanity. Nevertheless, in the modern world women are no less capable of doing business, so for women, business is as close as to men. For instance, the richest businesswoman in China is Wu Yajun, who created her fortune solely on her own ($ 6.3 billion as of 2014). She has also dispelled the myth that men are leaders in the field of the real estate, as she became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this field in the last decade. Therefore, a successful start-up can be created by everyone!
    Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for the creation,= successful development and further prosperity of start-ups is the kind of slowness of the large corporations who use ordinary products without developing something contrastly new. That's why startups, due to their mobility in the terms of implementing new ideas, create healthy competition for large corporations. So, the main resource for creating your own business is a good innovative idea.
    It is interesting and profitable from a financial point of view to do business in the field of lighting. Firstly, there is no special competition in the Ukrainian market in this area; secondly, this idea is innovative and fresh, it is possible to recreate any conceived design, and it will be an ideal option for creative people.
    Buying components to the chandeliers directly from SkarLight company, you get freedom to recreate your own ideas in the reconstruction of your own view of the lighting of the future - original and practical at the same time. We cooperate with the manufacturers of lighting devices from China, Poland, Turkey, EU countries, so the assortment line of our company is constantly supplemented with the new collections of components that come from the world market. Plafonds, lampshades (also we sell lampshades made of wire), wood products, ceramics, plastics, metal accessories, crystals and fasteners to them,  cartridges and bonded-conductor products, concrete and support materials to them - all these promise to be loved by the creative designers and manufacturers of lighting industry, who are actually our direct buyers. We are sure that in the hands of a skilful designer chandeliers, lamps and sconces will be  transformed into a powerful tool capable of turning even the most boring interior into a fairy-tale. That's why we offer you an amazing chance for creating your own business! We, as the supplier of lighting components (and also as the manufacturer), are ready to provide you with a product, which will be a tool for creating new original lamps, lampshades, floor lamps, chandeliers and so on. You can create any lighting device, which will be highly valued not only on Ukrainian market (where the percentage of interesting and creative fixtures is rather small), but also on the world one. We are sure that the original approach, unusual ideas, a wide range of choices and uniqueness - this is exactly what you need to be guided in the process of creating your product.
    While you are still doubt about whether to start something radically new and interesting, someone is already taking the first steps towards his dream. So do not neglect time! And we will help you in starting your business!
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