01/29/2019 01:36:00 pmAvant-garde as a cultural-aesthetic challenge, in which you can live

Without a doubt, while choosing the stylization of your interior, you can easily get confused: a lot of modern ideas, bright and unique, extravagant and gravitating to the classics, can make a real battle in your head for the right to settle in your apartment. And, of course, each of the options has its own canons and norms, materials and color solutions, inspires its uniqueness, offering coziness and style. But if you want to make your corner as original as possible, in the spirit of modernitye, we, SkarLight company, are sure that it is necessary to go against the generally accepted design standards and give preference to avant-garde stylization.

Firstly avant-garde was known as a creative direction, when revolutionary tendencies prompted European youth to declare the creation of a new direction that was not aimed at anything but the world's aim. "Avant-garde" in French means "going ahead of the detachment". Many people know this term as a military one, but, after a while, it gained new meaning, becoming a revolutionary metaphor. Over the years the military sense was practically superseded, and "going forward" became the slogan of artists and architects, who challenged everything that was outdated and chose an innovative style.

Avant-garde art is a flow that changes over time, in which there is always a place for innovation, and that is the essence of it. In the design avant-garde - there are the most advanced materials, experiments with colors and forms of familiar objects, a new symbolic filling of the classical elements. A kind of avant-garde trend is the "here and now" revolution, which always finds, with what to fight and changes from generation to generation. This modern and dynamic style is filled with the spirit of youth and mischief, this is one of the most vivid options for housing design, when a departure from traditional, years of developed concepts in design leads to unexpectedly bold and unusual solutions. In the atmosphere of the avant-garde - unimaginable designs, bright colors, simple textures, unusual shapes and freshness of design solutions, that's why the style is characterized by an experimental approach to artistic creativity that goes beyond classical aesthetics, using innovative means of expression, underlined symbolism of artistic images. This direction is very difficult to confuse with another - so much it is about the peculiarity. Avant-garde - the exact opposite of the traditional pathos of historical styles, because it is an eloquent individuality, uniqueness and total admiration!

The question of color is one of the most important for avant-garde. Bright, clean, saturated, dynamic shades in the most unusual combinations should prevail in the interior. As a rule, the whole concept of color is based on a light shade - white, beige or yellow. It, in turn, is supplemented by several accents - purple, red, green, blue, creating a colorful variety.

The democratic nature of avant-garde is in the choice of materials. When decorating premises, the use of any building materials is allowed, but, as practice shows, preference is given to modern varnished coatings, laminate, decorative plaster, metallized wallpaper and false ceilings. It is worth noting that in the arrangement of furniture contrasts are observed.

Everything that goes beyond the traditional aesthetic framework characterizes avant-garde. There is no clear rules in creating an interior design in this style, most importantly - no simplicity and abundance of decors, everything should literally shout with originality and freshness. Unusual, sometimes even fantastic forms, abstraction and non-traditional solutions in the layout of premises are inherent in the stylization. Hence the main principle of the avant-garde - a contrasting palette, unusual shapes and a combination of the intangible. It is important to remember: each room, made in the rebellious spirit of avant-garde, should have its own semantic center, depending on the function. Actual for the avant-garde and geometry - spheres, circles, rings, cubes, vertical and horizontal strips, without which it can not be realized. The secret of aesthetics of style is in the original reading of form and content.

Light as a component of style plays a big role in the creation of the avant-garde style. To convey the spirit of the design decision accurately, to show the rebellious mood of the interior, the avant-garde requires both natural and artificial lighting. This style is not picky about how to achieve a high degree of illumination - due to two rows of square fluorescent lamps on the ceiling or one chandelier with a circular bubble of red plastic and a number of cylindrical sconces, but it must be remembered that the main thing is that the lighting devices give sufficient the amount of light and did not stand out against the general background of irrelevant sophistication of forms. SkarLight company advises you to use the built-in lamps, as well as chandeliers of unusual shapes, floor lamps and hangers, made in bright colors and original shapes. So, everything that brings in itself an innovative spirit and fresh ideas, can be realized in the avant-garde stylization. It is important to remember that the fixtures should be in one style, bright and monochrome, then they either become a highlight in the interior, or delicately merge with the overall atmosphere. Do not be afraid to overdo it with lighting - there is little light there!

Of course, not everyone will like the avant-garde interior, but they will undoubtedly like the bold, freedom-loving and unconventional natures with the original taste. SkarLight company is always ready to support people with original and independent thoughts! We know: you will adore this style if you are ready for insane experiments in terms of space organization. Undoubtedly, in thoughts, plans and actions you are forever "ahead of the whole planet," and the appearance of the avant-garde apartment will inspire you to even more active victories.

In general, we can say that the avant-garde is an experiment, a challenge to time and tastes, an attempt to look into the future and move its spirit to the present. This is a style, in which the most daring ideas are embodied, the most unexpected solutions are found, and each room, executed in this image, is unique and has its own special character. If the avant-garde is the embodiment of your flashy and rebellious attitude, our company will be happy to help you choosing a unique and, importantly, correct lighting in the spirit of avant-garde. Breathe the changes in your cozy corner - discover the avant-garde!
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