Antique style: Greece and Rome are in fashion again!

The word «antiquity» is always associated with the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient Greek architecture, originated on the islands of the Aegean Sea, was so harmonious and complete that later it was perceived by styles like Renaissance, Classicism, Neoclassicism as a primary source. The uniqueness of antiquity is that this is not just a direction of art; it characterizes the whole historical period of the development of a number of states. In fact, all styles and trends of Western art borrowed various elements of antiquity, which to this day remains an aesthetic standard for many later trends. Undoubtedly, the antique style is the embodiment of the best of what was invented by ancient Greeks and Romans. Features of this stylization are more evident in monumental architecture and carefully thought out design, where each detail is distinguished by its unique elegance and perfection. Comfort, tranquility of any of these areas of ancient style is simply amazing and gives a certain sublimity and even detachment from the world around.
    Despite many centuries that separate us and ancient antique samples, this style is quite relevant in our time, it can create both dynamic and very solemn images. Although it will take some effort properly to plan it, but the reward will be the interior, which always remains a testament to good taste. Antiquity was the ancestor of the ideas that we live now. These ideas are not outdated, despite the fact that their content has belonged to history long. The universality and classicity of antiquity is the justification of the traditional eurocentrism in the study of the history of art.
    The antique direction in the interior is considered one of the most popular - and it's completely unsurprising, because every person would like to plunge into the luxurious world of ancient Greece and feel like a real god from Olympus. Also Hellenistic style is so self-sufficient that practically does not need ornaments. Perhaps this is why this kind of stylization serves as a special status, according to which it is possible to determine the welfare and intellect of the owner. The antique interior attracts and pleases the eye of modern people, stretching to the aesthetic and eternal values of real art. Not all delights of the interior of ancient Rome and Greece "survived" to our time, but the bulk of this rich heritage is actively used by designers, who have mastered the subtleties and nuances of style over the past decade.
    The peculiarity of the Hellenistic style is that not only ceramics, frescoes and statues are used here, but also a large amount of textiles, and most importantly, everything should not just harmonize with each other, but it will not even hint to give a dissonance. There is a smooth transition from one thing in the interior to another. And the use of Greek patterns -the battle scenes and floral ornaments - makes this interior completely finished. There are also often used geometric patterns, which give a certain severity and classicism to this style. But because of large area and lighting, this severity turns into sophistication. Also modern interior, that is decided in the spirit of antiquity, is often supplemented by paintings or tapestries of mythological themes.
    The pragmatism of Greeks is in no way interfered with their sense of beauty. The color scale of the antique style is based on the bright and juicy shades of southern nature.
    We, SkarLight company, firmly believe that the subtlety of the basis of any style is a competently chosen light solution that will fully comply with the canons of the chosen stylization. For the direction in the spirit of antiquity, there are huge windows to ceiling with translucent curtains, that do not interfere with the penetration of sunlight into the room. Since at that time there was still no electric lighting, and the premises were illuminated with the help of torches and lamps, the backlight in the antique style should be of a warm spectrum, neat and unobtrusive. The main thing is to use stylized lamps, in which no modern bulbs will be noticeable, because they are capable of destroying the authentic atmosphere by their appearance. The light must be sufficiently muted and diffused. To do this, you can use the built-in lights and hidden lighting. Our company can offer you an interesting variant of using table lamps, sconces and chandeliers decorated with paintings and traditional geometric patterns. Illumination elements, decorated in red-figure (images of plots, mythical creatures and people) or black-figure style (painting with vegetative ornament, figures of animals and military attributes) will also look well.
    In the modern world the antique style provides a large number of "points" of lighting - sconces, floor lamps, etc. "More light!» - it is the main motto of the illumination of the antique style in the interior.
    According to Kelly Hoppen: "The concept of style and taste is rather conditional. It's not that some people have a good taste, and others do not, that's what suits each individual interior». But it does not concern harmony in all manifestations - the style of the Romans and Hellenistics. In our product range you will find accessories for creating the perfect lighting solution in the spirit of the antiquity. You just need follow the link...
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